October 15, 2014

Catching Up

Phew! It's been a while, and all I have to say is that I've been working on special orders. September and October are busy for my little shop. I just finished the hat above for a special order, and I will be making more with this fabric, as it is ever so soft and perfect for a baby gift.  In between sewing away, I celebrated my birthday on the 4th, with a nice day with the family and my yearly birthday dinner at Chez Panisse. Lovely as ever, although I must say I was a bit disappointed that they forgot to give me a birthday candle and birthday wishes as they do every year. I think it is the first misstep from them that I have ever had. The rest of the dinner was wonderful though. Caitlin and Cyrous joined us as well. They were very good to me this year and gifted me the "Boos" Butcher block! I've been wanting this for a while :)  We spent the afternoon roaming around Berkeley and took in the sights and smells of fall. A very nice day.
I finally put out my Halloween goodies, so it feels extra cozy in the house now. Oh, and did I mention that it finally rained and there is now a shift in the weather?! So happy to see grey skies finally! It has been eternally summer here.
A couple of days ago I got a stomach virus, that I feel like I'm still recovering from. Yuck! I would rather have a cold than this! Seems like it came out of nowhere, and thank goodness no one else got it from me, knock on wood. Reminds me also that it is time for the flu shot and to gear up for that aspect of the season.
I had planned on writing more about recipes and food also, but combined with the weather being eternally hot and me getting sick, that has been put on hold a bit. I'll be back with that soon, but I need to recover from the unsettled tummy hahaha.
Right now I can't even believe that it is the 15th and my beloved month of October is half over! The reminder of it almost being over, are the November magazines making it through the mail slot already, with Thanksgiving covers, and going to Target today, you can see Christmas inching in on the side of the Halloween decorations. I just want it all to slow down!!!!
Well, I'm off to clean my tornado of a mess in my studio and start on some more capes!
I'll try and come back sooner than later.......

October 3, 2014

My Dad's Cool Old House

 Back yard
 Pops reading the paper :)
We cooked up a storm, so I could not get a magazine worthy photo of their new beautiful kitchen, but just look at that pretty marble counter top!

 All their appliances are Miele. The vent over the stove top, fans out when you need it. double ovens and a warming drawer. I also love the giant refrigerator.
 Love all the old stone work

 The door to the powder room is the original.
 My step-mom loves cookbooks as much as I do!

 The light from this window was so beautiful in the morning.
 Main living room

 The two photos above are of my dad's studio
 They collect beautiful rugs, and this is one of my favorites.
 Guest room

This is as close to New York as we got hahah.

I always like to snoop into other peoples homes. I like to look at real homes, not stylized ones that are way too clean or does not reflect the people who live there. I thought you would enjoy taking a peek inside my dad and step-mom's new/old home. It was built in the 1800's and it use to be exposed stone, much like the stone inside the house. Its a shame that they covered it up, but it still a lovely home. I love the creaking wood floors, that tell a story about all the lives that once graced the property, and bits of original crown moulding, old doors etc. Like I mentioned before, being from California, where the homes are not nearly as old as those on the east coast, is always such a treat for the eyes.
Their kitchen was totally re-done for them. As busy as my step-mom is with work, she loves to cook and this kitchen gets used! I always love when someone that enjoys food and cooking gets a new kitchen don't you? The old stone fireplace from one of the rooms, makes one of the kitchen walls, and that is my favorite part. The little cabinet in the stone wall is filled with spices, that smell heavenly when you open the doors. It use to have a bee hive oven to make bread from the fire place, which is shown after the double oven picture.
Their home reflects all their travels and their personalities, and it is always fun to visit and see all the treasures all over again. Can't wait to go back again soon!

On a whole other topic, what is up with the weather?! Yeah, I'm talking about the the weather like an old person hahah. Just when I was getting my fall cooking groove on, here comes a heat wave with upper nineties this weekend, and for who knows how long. Like California really needs more heat and no rain. I've been trying to get motivated with other things and pretend that it isn't hot, until I start working in my studio and start to sweat bricks!!! I have a couple hat orders and other pieces cut out and ready, but oh the motivation is so low when it gets too warm out. Whine, whine boo hoo hahaha.
Other than the annoying heat, life is good! Finally getting settled into the house, and finding my work groove. Balancing my studio time with my exercise schedule was a bit challenging at first, but I'm back into it and it feels great! I'm really getting excited about the holidays and for once in a long, long time, I think we will get trick or treaters this year. Every home I have lived in was not trick or treat friendly because of the homes being in rural parts of our town. I can't wait to see all the kids in their costumes. I better get my candy dish ready!
  Hope you enjoyed my dad's house tour. It's mainly for me and for family to see, that have not been able to visit yet, so I hope you don't find it too boring.

September 30, 2014

The Home and Art of N.C Wyeth and Andrew Wyeth

In one of my art history classes I took for my degree, I fell in love with Andrew Wyeth's work. All his painting have such a beautiful haunting quality about them. I don't know if I can actually put into words just how I feel about his paintings. For some reason they really speak to me and I can stare at them forever! I hadn't realized that this national treasure was so close by to where my dad lives. When we were asked if we wanted to go here on one of our days visiting, I tried to not jump up and down like an excited kid!! Um, Yes I would like to go there!!!   The name of the museum is called Brandywine River Museum. The museum houses N.C Wyeth, Andrew's father, Andrew Wyeth, and James Wyeth's art. There  are also tours that take you to N.C Wyeth's home and studio, and also Andrew's studio. Loved the house! N.C. and his wife raised 5 children in this three bedroom home. The stories that the guide told us were wonderful and while you are standing in the home, you can envision 5 rambunctious children running around. I have always been fascinated by this family and the wealth of talent. I would have to say though that Andrew's work remains my favorite, and I would go so far as to say that he is my favorite American artist. The first paintings that are posted are N.C. Wyeth's illustrations for books like Treasure Island. There were not a lot of Andrew's that you could take photos of, especially the one that I really loved. The portrait of the older gentleman is N.C. After that painting, is a painting of Jamie Wyeth, Andrew's son that Andrew painted. I loved that one! I didn't get to snap any photos of Jamie's work, but all three generations have paintings in this museum. Next time I visit my dad, I hope I get to see Andrew's studio. We ran out of time to see both.  While wandering around the gift shop of the museum, I spotted a very large print of the painting that I loved, that was signed and dated by Andrew. Too bad it was $10,000 :( I settled for a 11x14 matted print of it though.  Next post I'll share some photos of my dad's new cool/old house.